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Wheeled Bins
Eurobins Power Puller

Let the Eurobin PowerPuller take the strain of moving heavy loads. Eurobin PowerPuller has a 3000kg towing capacity, 250kg carrying capacity, a 20km/12mile range and is capable of climbing a 30% gradient under full load.

The Eurobin PowerPuller is the solution to the problem that can be caused when the Refuse Storage Area needs to be located some distance from the collection service point.

Using the PowerPuller makes moving a full 1100 litre Eurobin (which can weigh up to 450kg) simplicity itself and by using a “hook and eye” system a number of Eurobins can be moved at the same time. Using the PowerPuller ensures that Health and Safety/Manual Handling Regs are complied with and could save you from claims for back strain etc that may be caused by manually handling heavy Eurobins.

If your waste storage area is some distance from your collection service point then the Eurobin Powerpuller is ideal to move the containers around the site.  Add our 1100 litre Eurobins fitted with heavy duty castors and a “hook and eye” towing kit and you have a complete Waste Management Solution.  Contact us for more detailed information and a quotation for your site and your requirements.

Power Puller


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