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Wheeled Bins

Wheeeled Eurobins and Containers

Eurobin, wheelie bin, wheeled bin, dust bin or rubbish bin, it doesn't matter what you call them we have a full range of HD plastic and Galvanized metal containers available for you.

For many years we have been supplying Eurobins to Councils, Waste Management Companies, Housing Associations, Hospitals, Prisons, Property Management Companies, Builders, Medical Centres, Retailers, Clubs and a wide range of other businesses throughout the UK.

All our wheeled Eurobins are made to the European Quality Standard (EN840), are DIN tested and CE marked. The containers are heat, cold, UV and chemically resistant.

They come in a range of sizes starting from 60 litre up to 1280 litre.

You can order in any number from one upwards although orders of two, three or more Eurobins to the same address are less expensive due to our saving on shipping and passing this saving on to you.

Eurobins come in a range of colours. All our Wheeled bins are compatible with the full range of lifting equipment used by Councils and Contractors. Optional extras available to meet your individual requirements include: recycling lids, lid locks, drop fronts, towing kits, directional wheels and heavy duty castors - please see optional extras for further details –


Product Specifications

A range of colours are offered – HD Plastic Eurobins choose from Dark Grey (usually thought of as ‘Black’); Green; Blue; Red; Yellow or Brown. 

All our containers are built to European Quality Standard EN840, are DIN tested and have CE markings.

Containers can be supplied both in Heavy Duty plastic and Galvanised Metal.

Two wheeled Eurobins are available in Heavy Duty Plastic - 60L, 80L, 120L, 140L, 180L, 240L and 360 Litre capacity sizes. Four Wheeled Eurobins are available in either Heavy Duty Plastic or Galvanised Metal - 500L, 660L, 770L, 1100L and 1280L sizes (500L and 1280L are only manufactured in Metal).

All containers are compatible with standard lifting equipment.
All plastic containers are UV, Heat, Cold and Chemically resistant.
All containers are rat/fox/cat and dog resistant.
All four wheeled containers come complete with two front wheel brakes.
All metal containers are fully galvanized throughout.
All metal containers can be powder coated (painted) in a range of colours &/or have coloured lids to distinguish different waste types.
A wide range of optional extras are available for both HD Plastic and Metal Eurobins.